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  1. The indwelling Holy Spirit convicts us of our sin, regenerates (brings new life to) the believing sinner, and guides, instructs and empowers the believer for godly living and service.

  2. The Bible is God's word, without error, and the final authority for our lives.

  3. Doctrinal Identity: Evangelical, Bible based, historical Christianity as affirmed in the Apostle's Creed, other traditional creeds, and the evangelical Catechism.

  4. Non-Christian Religions: Christ is the ony Savior of the world; other religions are respected.

  5. Local Church Polity-Local Autonomy. The congregation shall be self-governing, but a part of the one, Holy, Universal Christian Church.

  6. Every person is separated from God because of sin and needs the Savior, Jesus Christ. God saves us by His grace and not by our own works.

  7. Homosexual Orientation-Viewed as temptation
    Homosexual Behavior-Viewed as sinful


  8. Marriage: The sacred Rite of Marriage is between a man and a woman, becoming one with each other and with God.

  9. The sanctity of human life, based on our creation in the image of God, leads us to respectfully affirm the sanctity of every stage of human life.

  10. Our calling is to make disciples and Our Vision is to move people beyond church membership into a personal relationship with God.

  11. Our Mission is to grow in personal renewal, community impact, and global outreach.

  12. Holy Baptism and the Lord's Supper, instituted by Christ Himself, are Sacraments observed by the Church. Confirmation (the renewal of the baptismal covenant), Marriage, and Ordination are Sacred Rites of the Church.

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